Here for that beer? There's a secret code below that you can cash in for a pint!

We're the hottest place to pre-game, post-game or even WATCH the game as we're located right across the street! 

We have watch parties with DJ AJAXX spinning the beats during commercial breaks/halftime, a kitchen that's open 'til close and a full-service bar with 60+ beers on tap! 

What more can you ask for? Well, besides our weekly secret code that you can redeem for a Penny Pint*.

This week's code?


Redeem simply by telling your bartender or server that you know the secret code for a penny pint and they'll help you with the rest.

*A penny pint is a pint for a penny. Pretty self-explanatory. Also pretty delicious. 
We like to have fun too, but we also have bills to pay! Limit of 1 per visit.